A program system for the calculation of airport-related
pollutant emissions and concentrations in the lower atmosphere

! The program system LASPORT ( LASAT for Airports) allows to calculate the emission and atmospheric dispersion of trace substances originating from airport-related sources. The dispersion calculation is carried out with the Lagrangian dispersion model LASAT.

Based on preceding experiences with LASAT applications at airports in Germany and Switzerland, LASPORT was developed in 2002 on behalf of the Federal German Airports Association (ADV) as a standard tool for emission and dispersion calculations. Since 2003 it is available as commercial software package. It has been steadily adopted to the requirements of practical demands, among other based on projects with EUROCONTROL and ICAO/CAEP studies. 

LASPORT has been approved for use by ICAO/CAEP (ICAO Environmental Report 2010) and it conforms to ICAO document 9889. The current program version is 2.3.

On request we may deliver a free demo version. The demo version is identical with the full one but without activated licence. It can be used to recalculate the examples that come with the distribution.

! Introduction

Update 2.3

Product specification

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